Methane Technologies & Services

The Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance is Canada's most complete source of data, technologies and solution providers that monitor, measure, and reduce methane emissions.

  • Abatement Cost Analysis.
  • Clean Combustion.
  • Fluid Sealing Technology.
  • Fugitive Emission Leak Detection.
  • Leak Measurement.
  • Optical Imaging.
  • Solar Powered Chemical Injection.
  • Surface Casing Vent Measurement.
  • Vent Gas Capture (Compressors).
  • Zero Emission Separator Package.

What is MELA

Our members consist of businesses that develop, manufacture, or deploy commercial technologies that help reduce methane emissions.

Founded in 2016, the Alliance is comprised of companies serving the oil & natural gas production, processing, and transmission sector. Serves as a hub for businesses that offer innovative and accesible solutions to methane emissions reductions.

The Alliance is a partner to government, industry, and other key stakeholders, focused on building a clean economy and generating new jobs. We collaborate with Federal and provincial governments & regulators to design policies and regulatory mechanisms that support the deployment of readily available technologies and the deployments of emerging technologies.

MELA works to build comprehensive methane emissions management plans. We believe that efficient and effective outcomes can be archieve through strong partnerships.


Case Studies

Manage Flaring, Venting and Methane Emissions from Upstream Oil & Gas Operations... Download PDF.
Greenhouse Gas Compliance with Fisher™ i2P-100 Transducers... Download PDF.
Emission Reduction... Download PDF.
Satellite Imagery of GHG from Industrial Facility... Link to Case Study website.
Reliable CIP in Remote Location... Download PDF.
Thermal and Optical Gas Imaging Systems... Download PDF.
Solar for Burner Management... Download PDF.
Reducing Fugitive Emissions of Methane... Download PDF.
Bear Solar Electric Control System and Hawk Vent Gas Meter... Download PDF.
GHG Reduction Potential in Dehydration Units... Download PDF.


Jackson Hegland

Executive director

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