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Methane Emissions Reduction Forum

Nov 26-27
Nov 26-27
This informative two day event focuses on various aspects of reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations such as: Regulation development, resources and opportunities available to industry, as well as, detection, quantification and mitigation/control technologies used to address targeted emission source areas. This forum discusses current and future challenges facing the Canadian oil and gas industry related to 2025 methane emissions reductions targets and, in exploring this critical issue, takes a closer look at the current state of emissions reduction opportunities as well as the challenges and opportunities available to support technology innovation and new practices. Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this exciting and informative event.

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Permian Oil Fields Leak Enough Methane for 7 Million Homes

May 1
Enough gas to supply 7 million homes is leaking into the atmosphere above oil fields in Texas and New Mexico, the largest plume of climate change-driving methane pollution ever recorded over a U.S. oil field, a new study from Harvard University and Environmental Defense Fund shows.

Federal oilpatch bailout focus on cleanup of abandoned wells, reduced emissions

Apr 20
The federal government has said it plans to reduce Canada's methane emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2012 levels by 2025. The government plans to spend $1.7 billion in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to clean up inactive and "orphan wells" – oil and gas wells that have been abandoned by their often-bankrupt owners without being remediated.

Humanity’s methane problem could be way bigger than scientists thought

Feb 21
Lately, investor and activist pressure on oil and gas companies has led to ambitious climate-related pronouncements. The new work widens a debate that stems from two opposing methods researchers use to measure methane: ice-core research and local monitoring of methane sources. Reconciling these two approaches will take some time, but is essential.

A $1.4 trillion asset manager is zeroing in on methane leaks

Feb 10
Methane leaks are making the climate crisis worse faster, but companies and investors still find them hard to trace. A focus on methane might be one of the fastest ways to fight global warming.

Oil and gas industry needs to do more to address climate change, IEA report says

Jan 24
According to a new International Energy Agency report, the oil and gas industry needs to increase responses to climate change. The most important and cost-effective measure being reducing methane leaks to the atmosphere.

New Methane Emissions Reduction Rules in Force in B.C.

Jan 6
New regulations and guidelines are now in force in B.C. to reduce methane emissions from upstream oil and gas operations. The BC Oil and Gas Commission released a statement last week to remind industry and other stakeholders of the changes, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2020. BCOGC said the new regulations address the primary sources of methane emissions from drilling sites, including pneumatic devices, equipment leaks, compressor seals, glycol dehydrators, storage tanks and surface casing vents.

Methane Emissions Reductions Stand To Back Up Canada’s Clean Energy Claims

Dec 19
Mandated reductions in methane emissions are not only technologically feasible, but they will serve to cement the assertion Canada is a global leader in low-emissions natural gas production, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) manager, Alberta Operations.

Extensive electrification, methane reductions hold keys to Canada’s LNG success: Report

Dec 16
By leveraging its abundant renewable energy resources and incentivizing production of the world’s lowest greenhouse gas-emitting liquefied natural gas (LNG), Canada can develop its LNG industry while meeting its climate goals, concludes a report examining the unique “green” advantages the country possesses.

Trailblazing methane research to help reduce emissions by 2025

Oct 11
A first-of-its-kind research project focuses on improving the detection and elimination of methane leaks that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

A Global Alliance to Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions in the Oil and Gas Sector by 2030

Oct 8
At the UN Climate Summit in September, governments seeking to enhance their NDCs’ ambition will commit to significant methane reduction targets from the oil and gas value chain. Countries will commit to either absolute methane reduction targets of at least 45% by 2025 and 60% to 75% by 2030 or to a “near zero”methane intensity target. International organizations, NGOs and industry leaders will support them in achieving those ambitious targets through policy support and sharing of knowledge, technologies, and best management practices.

Reducing Methane Emissions

Oct 27
Flaring and venting in Canada’s natural gas industry is regulated

MELA member TriCore Carbon Solutions offers Alberta oil and gas producers a unique environmental opportunity

Sep 25
Pioneers in their field, Alfke and Handley are a shining example of the environmental innovation happening in Alberta. Their work can and is making a difference in Alberta and elsewhere.

Canada's Methane Gas Problem: Why strong regulations can reduce pollution, protect health, and save money

Sep 19
Canada has a serious methane problem. Newly published research shows that methane emissions from Canada’s oil and gas sector – due to both venting of methane as part of normal operation, and leaks from equipment – are higher than previously thought. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed. Evidence shows that methane can be cost-effectively reduced and eliminated by 2030 if the federal government enacts smart regulations to end methane leaks and venting. The report, Canada’s Methane Gas Problem: Why strong regulations can reduce pollution, protect health and save money, makes a series of recommendations about what these regulations should look like.

Methane rules for oil and gas sector spark innovation around measurement

Sep 16
New technology and equipment emerging to help companies meet rules that start January 2020

MELA member, GHGSat offers a more accurate way of measuring emissions - from space

Sep 13
Discussions about reducing carbon emissions from industrial emitters often tend to skip past one of the most foundational questions there is: how accurate is the emissions data?

Meeting the Challenge: Finding New Ways to Quantify Methane Emissions

Jul 31
To fully realize the potential climate benefits of switching to natural gas, which is primarily methane, steps should be taken to minimize unwanted or fugitive emissions. Methane, after all, is a potent greenhouse gas with a 100 year global warming potential 34 times that of CO2.

5 Under - recognized Impacts of Air Pollution - Recommended Reading!

Aug 29
Air pollution is a leading environmental risk factor affecting urban and rural populations around the world. The social costs of air pollution - and the social benefits of reducing it - extend far beyond heath, including to climate, water, renewable energy and agriculture.

Oil and gas sector can bring quick climate win by tackling methane emissions

Aug 26
The industry could reduce its worldwide emissions by an estimated 75%—with up to two-thirds of those reductions at zero net cost. Reducing these emissions will benefit the industry too.

Why global reduction of methane emissions is so important to Canada

Aug 15
A blog post by PTAC’s Soheil Asgarpour sheds light on industry efforts to reduce methane emissions.

PTAC Annual General Meeting 2019

May 1
You're invited to PTAC's Annual General Meeting! The event will be held at the Petroleum Club on May 1, 2019 from 11:30am - 1:30pm.

TIS: Eliminate Emissions and Create Carbon Credits

Apr 25
Learn about new technology that eliminates emissions, creates carbon credit offsets, while performing local well site decision making regardless if connected through SCADA. Sirius Controls designs solar and AC powered chemical injection packages with a focus on innovation in green technology and autonomous control for well site and pipeline chemical injection. For more information and to register go to:

Carbon Pricing for Canadian Industry

Apr 25-26
The Methane Emmissions Leadership Alliance is excited to support the upcoming Carbon Pricing for Canadian Industry taking place April 25-26 at the Hilton Toronto which features insight about compliance obligations and best practices from companies and sector specialists. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the latest regulatory updates on carbon pricing and critical insight from carbon management leaders. Go to to register and enter mela10 on the registration page for a 10% discount.

Alberta Methane Field Challenge

Mar 21-1 Jun
The Alberta Methane Field Challenge (AMFC) is launched through the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund (AUPRF) to assess the real-world performance of new methane sensing technologies in comparison with conventional optical gas imaging-based leak detection surveys. To participate in this exciting challenge, submit an application by March 21, 2019 by 11:59pm. Read more about the project and find application details at

Feature in Process West Publication

Feb 19
Four MELA members were mentioned (Tido Industries (Tricore), Calscan Solutions, Greenpath Energy, Modern West Advisory) in the feature on Modern Resources Inc. article in the Process West publication. The article discusses the operation of an energy company using the most cost efficient and environmentally responsible means.

CRIN's Latest Newsletter

Feb 15
Check out CRIN's latest newsletter for news and upcoming events.

Media Reactions to MELA Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis

Apr 30


May 10
Methane firms undaunted by Ottawa’s three-year delay to new emissions rule

Media Reactions to Federal Government's Methane Emission Reduction Plan

May 25

MELA presence in Global Petroleum Show 2017

Jun 14
MELA Executive Director interview with BNN

Jobs growth and technology exports in methane management

Jul 21
MELA Executive Director’s op-ed in today’s Calgary Herald